Thursday, March 26, 2009

No More "Trump" Do

I swore I wouldn't do it! I said I was going to wait until he was 1 year...April 8th was going to be the appointment...and then we woke up on March 26th and I couldn't believe it! The kid, no joke, looked like he had bed head for 10 days and there was no taming this thing! I made the phone call to Adam and told him I was ready...I was ready for the first haircut! So on March 26th, my baby became a little boy and the newborn hair was cut away :(

He of course did AWESOME! There was no crying, fussing, whining (and he has a cold right now) but he just sat there all calm like he was waiting for this.

This is his before..however, you can't see the rattail/mullett that has grown in the back

Now the after (well as good as he would let us):

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