Wednesday, December 16, 2009

O Christmas Tree...

Oh how we love thee :) Just a couple of photos to show you our tree this year! (We are quite proud of it!)

Winter Morning

Have I ever said how much we love our new home!!! Every morning, (well they have been MIA for a little while) we have about 12 giant Clydesdale horses in our backyard. It is one of the coolest things I have ever seen! This particular morning Landin said he needed his hat, which he does by patting his head and saying Hat, and stood on the bench for about 1/2 an hour watching them. Now if you know Landin you know that is a big deal!

We are so blessed this Christmas to be in such a wonderful home with so many things for us to see!

Friday, December 4, 2009

20 months

This little man is cracking me up lately! He is finally feeling better and you can tell it :)
I look at these photos and I can totally see a little boy now. He melts my heart in every way and can also drive me crazy in a second flat! He is starting to say more words now and can tell you things he wants with words, grunts, or hand motions. (When he wants Gams dog to lick him he plays with his tongue...seriously!) He is so active, never slows down, and at times I wish he would I wouldn't have it any other way. He is starting to like cartoons now and will sit for about 5 minutes :) He loves his Veggie Tales and Blues Clues (we don't have cable so videos it is).
He loves, loves, loves to play in the sick with cups and anything I will throw in there and the detergent rocks because it makes bubbles. He likes to eat out of pots and pans, but whatever works.
We love you little man! We love watching you grow and learn about this world. We love to see the world through your eyes and, although at the end of the day I am exhausted, I wouldn't trade one second of you for a day of relaxation.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

18 Month photo shoot

OH this little man is busy, busy, busy right now! I wanted to get some 18 month photos to commemorate his cast so we headed out to the park and I think we were successful.
Landin is so funny right now and his vocab is really starting to take off, or maybe the phrase "uh-oh" is starting to take off :)
He loves the park and we had a great time exploring. As you can see from some of the pictures Landin was very intrigued by the sticks, ladybugs, leaves, play equipment, squirrels, dogs, etc. He is all boy!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

18 Months

18 months! I remember when he was like 3 months old thinking 18 months is so old and yet he still seems like my little baby. Well this month (last two days) has been very interesting to say the least. I know that I have said on many "monthly posts" before that we have a little daredevil on our hands, but this month proved it to be true. Monday night Landin broke his arm and is now in a full arm cast! He fell off of the top of a slide and hit his arm on something on the way down breaking both of the bones in his lower arm. As of now we are in the cast for 2 weeks and then we see the doctor to make sure we can just keep the cast on. They are a little worried about his nerves over the one bone and our hoping that we don't have to set it or have surgery on it. Prayers were much appreciated these last two days and we still need them to get through the next couple of weeks with some sanity, mine not his :)

At 18 Months:

· Weighs 26 lbs and not sure of height (go to doctor on Friday)
· Still horrible, horrible, horrible eater! Actually the last two days he has barely ate…no joke! He starts his therapy very soon…thank goodness!
· words: mama, dada, cow, dog, duck, truck, down, done, (new ones) stuck, ouch, and uh oh or uh uh oh oh…not sure where he picked that one up at
· body parts: nose, ears, hair, mouth, eyes, and belly (if you come to our house be prepared for him to lift up your shirt to find your belly)
· Lets you "eat his face", yes this sounds weird but he will stick his face by your mouth and let you do this and he will do it back to you
· loves his books now and will let me read to him every night before bed
· loves his vacuum sweepers and anything that plugs in to an outlet (freaks me out!)
· Wants to do everything on his own! Pour his drinks, use his spoon, wants to put socks/shoes on
· Puts deodorant and cologne on (he also lifts up his shirt like Daddy to do this) and loves to brush his teeth
· Likes to help me cook and usually once a day wants to get in the "cooking cabinet" and make something
· Doesn't really play with toys but more just runs around getting into things
· Can throw a mean mean mean temper tantrum…it is so sweet…(insert sarcasm)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Apple Picking 2009

This morning Landin and I got to go apple picking with our MOPS group for the morning. To say that this place is a boys heaven is an understatement! Acres upon acres of wide open space, play equipment (which I included a picture of), cats, roosters, apple trees, a hay ride…let me just say that Landin was in his element!

We spent the first part on a hay ride, which he hated the hay and wouldn't sit on it and kept saying Yuck when it would get on him (Oh I swear he will be a country boy one day) and then the rest of the time we picked apples and made cider. Landin was running around everywhere the entire time and at one point wiped out completely! If you look at some of the pictures he is covered with grass on his face but he honestly didn't care. He was also obsessed with the 4-wheeler (more so than the apples) and wanted to ride on it so bad! (I see one of these in our future in the next couple of years).

We had to leave early so I could get to work and I am not kidding when I said Landin we need to go bye-bye he started crying! He is so sweet!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Loving our new back yard

(Picture overload)

I took some pictures of Landin last night in our new backyard. We have 1.6 acres of land for this little guy to explore and he is loving it! His favorite right now is picking apples off of our 2 trees (which by the way the lady never took care of so they are all dead).

Our Dream House :)

We are officially there (well we have been for about 3 weeks) and we are LOVING IT!!! I seriuosly can't explain how nice the space, the yard, and even the barn is for us to have. We love being back in Woodburn surronded by hay fields, amish, cows, and horses :)

Here are some pictures of our "humble abode". This house definitley needs a lot of work still, but it is coming along and we can't wait until all of this hard work pays off!

This is our great room. I thought I had a before shot but I am missing it. Let me just say it was SCARY! It was all this barn siding on all the walls, the one wall was blue, and the mantle was WHITE! With the help of Adam's Aunt looks so much better! Now just picture it with curtains and decorations and oh yeah, glass in the bar and it will be finished. It is huge and we spend all of our time in there now. Landin actually just runs circles around the furniture because he loves it so much :)

This is my kitchen!! The pictures don't do justice the paint job in there. That light blue wall is actually a teal/green and it is beautiful! Next summer we are going to be painting the cabinets off-white but for now I will just stare at my gorgeous walls :) P.S...don't mind the laundry room in the background. That is getting a makeover too :)

And this folks is Landin's room! I love it!! It is supposed to be painted for his big boy room :) As you can see I haven't put anythign on the walls because I am OBSESSED with awesoem they turned out. So besides that and curtains we are done in there.

I will update this more as we make improvements, but for now we are enjoying it!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

16 Months pics on this one...we are super busy right now but I will add some soon...

At 16 Months:
· Takes 1 nap a day and sleeps about 11-13 hours a night
· Still doesn't eat :)
· Constantly, constantly moves
· Says: cow, ball, duck, truck, that, dog, mama, dada
· If you ask where something is he shrugs his shoulders and holds up his hands
· took his first vacation and LOVED IT! He is a complete beach baby…loved the water and wouldn't stay out of it
· obsessed with brooms, mops, sweepers, crayons, blocks, and dumping toys
· He "sits on people" where he backs into them and will pop down on them (he does it to Millie all the time)
· Loves, loves, loves to dance…we actually dance about every morning and every evening to the radio

Friday, July 31, 2009

All I want to do is dance...

and dance he did! In the middle of Harlan Days this kid broke it down!

OBX Part 2

(blogger is acting weird so I have to do this in two parts)

Landin loved to play with his cousin Ava. They played at the beach, at the house, and every morning Landin would clap his hands "Yeah" when she would come cute!

Here are some family photos that we also took on the beach...until next year :)