Wednesday, October 7, 2009

18 Months

18 months! I remember when he was like 3 months old thinking 18 months is so old and yet he still seems like my little baby. Well this month (last two days) has been very interesting to say the least. I know that I have said on many "monthly posts" before that we have a little daredevil on our hands, but this month proved it to be true. Monday night Landin broke his arm and is now in a full arm cast! He fell off of the top of a slide and hit his arm on something on the way down breaking both of the bones in his lower arm. As of now we are in the cast for 2 weeks and then we see the doctor to make sure we can just keep the cast on. They are a little worried about his nerves over the one bone and our hoping that we don't have to set it or have surgery on it. Prayers were much appreciated these last two days and we still need them to get through the next couple of weeks with some sanity, mine not his :)

At 18 Months:

· Weighs 26 lbs and not sure of height (go to doctor on Friday)
· Still horrible, horrible, horrible eater! Actually the last two days he has barely ate…no joke! He starts his therapy very soon…thank goodness!
· words: mama, dada, cow, dog, duck, truck, down, done, (new ones) stuck, ouch, and uh oh or uh uh oh oh…not sure where he picked that one up at
· body parts: nose, ears, hair, mouth, eyes, and belly (if you come to our house be prepared for him to lift up your shirt to find your belly)
· Lets you "eat his face", yes this sounds weird but he will stick his face by your mouth and let you do this and he will do it back to you
· loves his books now and will let me read to him every night before bed
· loves his vacuum sweepers and anything that plugs in to an outlet (freaks me out!)
· Wants to do everything on his own! Pour his drinks, use his spoon, wants to put socks/shoes on
· Puts deodorant and cologne on (he also lifts up his shirt like Daddy to do this) and loves to brush his teeth
· Likes to help me cook and usually once a day wants to get in the "cooking cabinet" and make something
· Doesn't really play with toys but more just runs around getting into things
· Can throw a mean mean mean temper tantrum…it is so sweet…(insert sarcasm)

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