Friday, December 4, 2009

20 months

This little man is cracking me up lately! He is finally feeling better and you can tell it :)
I look at these photos and I can totally see a little boy now. He melts my heart in every way and can also drive me crazy in a second flat! He is starting to say more words now and can tell you things he wants with words, grunts, or hand motions. (When he wants Gams dog to lick him he plays with his tongue...seriously!) He is so active, never slows down, and at times I wish he would I wouldn't have it any other way. He is starting to like cartoons now and will sit for about 5 minutes :) He loves his Veggie Tales and Blues Clues (we don't have cable so videos it is).
He loves, loves, loves to play in the sick with cups and anything I will throw in there and the detergent rocks because it makes bubbles. He likes to eat out of pots and pans, but whatever works.
We love you little man! We love watching you grow and learn about this world. We love to see the world through your eyes and, although at the end of the day I am exhausted, I wouldn't trade one second of you for a day of relaxation.

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