Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Our Dream House :)

We are officially there (well we have been for about 3 weeks) and we are LOVING IT!!! I seriuosly can't explain how nice the space, the yard, and even the barn is for us to have. We love being back in Woodburn surronded by hay fields, amish, cows, and horses :)

Here are some pictures of our "humble abode". This house definitley needs a lot of work still, but it is coming along and we can't wait until all of this hard work pays off!

This is our great room. I thought I had a before shot but I am missing it. Let me just say it was SCARY! It was all this barn siding on all the walls, the one wall was blue, and the mantle was WHITE! With the help of Adam's Aunt looks so much better! Now just picture it with curtains and decorations and oh yeah, glass in the bar and it will be finished. It is huge and we spend all of our time in there now. Landin actually just runs circles around the furniture because he loves it so much :)

This is my kitchen!! The pictures don't do justice the paint job in there. That light blue wall is actually a teal/green and it is beautiful! Next summer we are going to be painting the cabinets off-white but for now I will just stare at my gorgeous walls :) P.S...don't mind the laundry room in the background. That is getting a makeover too :)

And this folks is Landin's room! I love it!! It is supposed to be painted for his big boy room :) As you can see I haven't put anythign on the walls because I am OBSESSED with awesoem they turned out. So besides that and curtains we are done in there.

I will update this more as we make improvements, but for now we are enjoying it!

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  1. SO happy for you Jodie! That big print you ordered is going to look AWESOME in your new great room!