Monday, July 6, 2009

July 4th & 15 Months

Our July 4th was spent relaxing, eating, and hanging out with family and friends. Saturday we spent the day with my Mom while Adam golfed and then we headed up to my best friend Alyson's families lake cottage. I always love going up there and it was AWESOME for Landin to spend some time at a place filled with some hilarious memories.

These pictures are taken during the day of the 4th. My sister HATES these outfits, but come one, it was $1 last year at Target so I had to get it. He loved playing with the flags, but I think throwing the balls was more of a hit.

We didn't make it up for the fireworks this year again (a 15 month old and 10pm don't mix) but Adam sat on the back porch and watched the neighbors setting them off. It was weird to think that this will be the last year we watch them at our house now. 4 years of being there and it is over. However, I can't wait for the 4th of July party at our house next year!

Anyway, at 15 months:

• Weighs 23lbs and is 32inches long
• Takes one long nap a day (2-3 hours) and sleeps from about 8:30pm-8am
• Still hates food :) He ate a peanut butter sandwich (the only real table food I could get him to eat) twice, but twice since then he has thrown it on the floor!
• Will be meeting with an occupational therapist to deal with his food issues…I will never let him live this one down :)
• Says Mama, Dada, Dog, and Duck
• Loves to brush his teeth…he does it twice in the morning because he loves it so much
• Tricks = blowing kisses, can find his nose, moos for a cow, Says How Big and Ta-Da, Dances like a Maniac
• Loves = To be outside, trucks, tractors, books, any place new, water, buckets, outside toys, the bubble wand (so gross), climbing up slides, his stuffed animal dogs, Millie, throwing things :)
• Hates = Timeouts, food, Mommy leaving him, shots (2 of those yesterday)
• Will be going on his first vacation to the beach in 2 weeks!!

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