Tuesday, June 9, 2009

14 Months

At 14 Months:

· Weighs 22 lbs and not sure on height but he is ridiculously tall!
· Now has 7 teeth
· Takes one long nap a day
· Enjoys going places now (loves the library, the park, the basketball court, and the Anchor Room)
· Thinks that when his toast comes out of the toaster it is the best thing ever…he screams with excitement
· Loves the water…the bathtub, his baby pool, a bucket…it doesn't matter
· Still just says Ma-ma and da-da…but babbles a lot in his own language :)
· Is starting to enjoy books with mommy…likes lift the flap and touch and feel
· Is working on puzzles and can find some pieces on his own
· Cleans up (my little helper)…he will put everything in a drawer or a basket…he even threw his trash away last night
· Likes to open and close the dishwasher and claps yeah every time…also does the same with the microwave, the refrigerator, and the pantry door
· Plays with his trucks and says "Vrroooommm"
· OBSESSED with other kids and almost stalks them when he sees them places
· Still on baby food because he gags at table food…talking to the doctor about this in July…he needs more because he is always hungry still after dinner

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