Thursday, May 21, 2009

I want...I need?

Right now I am really wanting these things off of Etsy...however, do I need them?!

If we weren't contemplating moving I would get them in a heart beat, but the thought of moving just one more thing makes me cringe....but they are sooo cute!

I would love this for my kitchen! The colors would match perfect and I think the message is wonderful! With kids, I think that this is what life is all about...those little day to day things that they do that make you remember what it is all about.

I need a reminder of this every minute of my life! I tend to worry and stress a lot and I need to learn to stay calm :)

I just love this period! I think we all get so bogged down in the everyday woes of life that we forget that God has it all planned out. While going through this house ordeal, I am trying to remember that no matter what happens, God has our perfect home waiting for us out there.

I want to do antique pitchers in my kitchen with bright colors of green and yellow and this one works perfect!

1 comment:

  1. Hi Jodie! I just got your message via Etsy and just had to check out your blog! It's fabulous!
    Isn't Etsy so addicting? I just love all the items you featured above...especially the one with the verse from Jeremiah. Best wishes as you are anxiously awaiting a possible move. It must be so difficult to feel unsettled at the moment. Thank goodness we can trust God's hand to move at precisely the right time.

    And congratulations on such a beautiful family. Your son is just precious with his blonde hair!

    Thanks again for your order with Mod Memento!