Thursday, May 7, 2009

13 Months

I was sitting at my desk thinking Landin's 13 month birthday is coming up and I need to do some updates and then I look at the calendar...OH MY GOODNESS! Landin is 13 months old today!

At 13 months:

  • Walking all over the he walked from the living room to the back bedroom
  • Obsessed with outside and cries when you walk away from the doors and you don't let him out
  • Loves to go on bike rides in his new seat (as long as there are snacks)
  • Still eats baby food but hopefully he will expand his horizons - he did eat cheese crackers today so that is an improvement
  • Slides are his favorite outside activity...doesn't care for swings because he is to mobile for him
  • Pushes everything around (wagon, cart, lawn mower)
  • Loves having picnics in the front yard (this is also Mommy's favorite too)
  • Pretends that Millie (the dog) is getting him and runs away from her laughing
  • Has been completely off of bottles for a month now. This was my biggest surprise! I thought that there was no way this was going to work and it was going to be a long road ( I have heard horror stories) but he rocked at it and was fine without it.
  • Laughs at himself in the car and laughs at you when you put on your sunglasses
  • Talks a lot, in his own language of course but when he starts saying words...WATCH OUT!


I will be posting our Mother's Day event later next week.

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