Tuesday, February 9, 2010

22 Months

Landin at 22 Months:

• Weighs 30lbs, not sure of height yet but still really tall for his age

• His words are crazy now! He actually talks in sentences now and it still creeps me out that he is that old.

• Knows all his body parts

• Knows most animals but refers to them by their sounds (cat=meow, cow=moo) but he does say puppy, horse, duck

• Knows the colors blue and orange

• Working on counting. We have gotten to 3 but he says 1 and then the rest is mushed together

• Still loves to clean and do chores - is a super helper

• Eating is somewhat improving. We still have therapy every Monday but we have noticed slight progress with him. Still no meals that he will eat but the snack food is widening :)

• Started to become interested in the potty and likes to sit on it. Be careful if you come to our house unannounced though because he has to take all his clothes off to go (socks included). Our therapist Vicki found this out the hard way Monday when he came running out naked :)

• SUPER ACTIVE!!!!!! Not kidding you the kid never stops! Ask anyone…they always comment on it!

• Started at a new baby sitter this month and loves it. If you ask him how his day was he says "Good". IF you ask him what he did he says "ball".

• Since the last post he has had his arm cast removed, been to the ER for croup, and had tube surgery…we have been busy :)

• Favorite activities: running, running, running, hiding from "puppy", not sitting still, "tooking"=cooking, washing the dishes, taking a "bat"=bath, watching "Helmo and Bit Birt"=Elmo and Big Bird or the "oh oh oh"=Curious George

I will say that besides the eating situation Landin is a blast right now! WE are desperately longing for some warm weather to get this kid outside but the new house has made the indoors all that much better :)

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