Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Birthday Party #1

On Tuesday, April 7th we decided to celebrate Landin's birthday at our house with our parents, Aunt Kellie & Zech, and Great Grandma G for a small party. Landin was really excited for his first present from his Gams. He couldn't stop jumping and hitting the box:

We opened some more presents which included another truck (this boy loves trucks) and the coolest Four Wheeler Power Wheel (he was standing up on it trying to kick start it...such a boy), a farm set from Mom and Dad, and some much needed pjs from Great Grandma G. She also made him a "crayon roll" for vacation this summer...mommy was excited about this.

Then it was time for CAKE (or cupcakes). Now for those of you who know our sweet little Landin you know he is very picky and inquisitive about his food. I knew going into this he wouldn't be like most 1 year olds and just dive right in. I knew I was going to have to put it in his mouth before he would eat it.

This was him all done...he at about 1 bite started choking on it and just wanted his milk.

To top the night off he got to put on pajamas and open up his two final awesome wagon and balls for a ball pit from Aunt Kellie and Zech!

Thank you family for filling our home with toys and love...literally! See you Saturday for Party #2!

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