Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Last Weekend

This is Landin's last weekend before the big birthday and we celebrated it by...being stuck inside all weekend long!! (Except for a short trip to the mall...which he was not excited about but Mommy had to get Easter outfits). Sunday was the hardest for him because by then he was over being stuck inside so Adam and I decided that we would go for a Sunday drive. We decided at that point and time that we are OLD! Especially when Adam was rocking the plaid pajama pants and the bright yellow sweatshirt.

Here are pictures of Landin staring longingly outside at his playset. This kid is going to love to be outside!!!

And one more for good measure...this is Landin's idea of loading up his dump truck with of course...another dump truck. I swear this kid is EDIBLE!!!

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