Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Turning 1...

(Photo heavy)
It is true, this little boy turned 1 today. It was the most exciting, exhausting, happy, worrisome, blissful year of my life! I am blessed to have him in my life and I couldn't imagine what I did before him (besides sleep and lay around all day).
Last night my sister came over and helped me decorate the house so when Landin woke up there were streamers and balloons everywhere (in blue and yellow of course...Daddy was happy with the color choices). Here is what the house looked like after we were done:

Landin woke up a little early this morning (6 am...I usually pray for a 7am wake up call) and he was definitley not ready to wake up. He pretty muched whined the whole morning which I explained to him was not the way to start the day. Here he is whining for my camera and then drinking his bottle:

After about an hour nap (which Mommy also got...hey, we have a big day ahead of us) Landin woke up a lot happier and was playing with his toys. If he only new what was coming tonight :) I will post more photos of his parties later this week.

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