Tuesday, April 14, 2009


We started our day off by celebrating the reason for Easter by going to church. We were dressed in our Sunday best and enjoyed another great Sunday at our favorite place to be.

Easter celebration was a BLAST! Let me just say that when you are 27 and are still hunting for eggs you know your family is CRAZY! (In a good way Mom and Brenda)

Landin had a lot of fun too and got to hang out with his favorite cousin Ava. She is so good with him and shares all her toys with him...and even pushes him around in his car.

However, the night ended on not such a fun note for me. I got home that evening and came down with what I thought was the flu but ended up to be strep throat. So, I haven't seen Landin since Sunday evening and I am dying to get my hands on him now that I am not contagious. On another note, Adam is now sick! You know it is bad when he calls into work. He NEVER calls in sick! Please pray for our little family. We need to finally get better and pray that Landin is safe from all the germs and stays healthy.

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